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Changing the way businesses access legal services.

Thought law firms were all the same? Think again. Linden Legal Strategies is a new kind of firm. Strategically built from the ground-up to fill a gap in legal services for businesses who want accessible, affordable advice, Linden Legal Strategies partners with its clients to help them start, grow and protect their businesses and healthcare practices.

Strategy Sessions

Details should be buttoned-up. Not conversations. Because the best solutions are often found when everything’s…

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General Counsel

Being a business owner means being ready for anything. We do things a little differently…

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Linden Legal Access

Subscription legal advice for business owners. Linden Legal Access allows businesses owners to access a…

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It is okay if you do not speak legalese. We do. 

Which is why we developed Linden Legal Access - our legal subscription service for businesses. Unlimited access to a dedicated attorney who serves you starting at  $99 a month.

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When You Should Call Your Business Attorney and Why

Confused about when you should reach out to an attorney? There are the obvious answers…

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Help! Should I be a PLLC?

If you own a professional services organization, you may have heard that you should structure…

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The Legal Side of Digital Marketing

Most businesses we talk to (and work with) market their business through digital advertising. Whether…

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Client Spotlight: Wonderbolt Labs

We are excited to introduce you to Holly Chasan-Young, the Founder + Chief Troublemaker at…

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