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When I started Linden Legal Strategies, I had three main goals:

  1. To provide the best legal services for our clients.
  2. To break down the barriers that prevent small businesses from seeking counsel.
  3. To educate and empower small businesses with the tools necessary to facilitate growth.

While the first should be a no-brainer for any law firm, the last two define who and what Linden Legal Strategies aspires to be. We feel it is what sets us apart and what all law firms should work towards. For those of you who are interested in learning more, or are curious as to what a holistic approach to the law looks like, read on.


We live our mission.

No. That’s not a typo. Yes, we are a law firm and yes, we have a mission. I created Linden from the ground up. I spent months pondering what my ideal firm would look like if/when I took the leap to go out on my own. Who would I want as clients? How would I provide services? What would the firm look like? I had worked at both a traditional law firm and inside a large company – and I left both positions armed with an idea of what worked and what was broken.

While we are a work in progress, we will continue to push the envelope on legal innovation.  To date, we’ve exceeded every goal we’ve set and I owe that all to the amazing group of individuals and businesses we are honored to call “clients.” And yes, in serving them, we live our mission.

Linden provides the best legal services for our clients

Not only does this mean that we strive to provide quality legal services, it also means that we make sure that what we’re doing for our clients makes sense. We talk through the “why” before recommending any course of action and, on one more than one occasion, we’ve counseled potential clients to change course or not hire us altogether because they didn’t need the product or service they thought they did.

Linden breaks down the barriers that prevent small businesses from seeking counsel.

There was a time when no business launched without a trusted accountant and a trusted attorney working together with the owner to make sure the business was poised for success. In today’s world, however, I find that most small businesses are hesitant to reach out and cost is a huge factor. I’ve been on both sides of hourly billing (both as the biller and the one receiving the bills) and knew that I wanted Linden to be different. Flat fee billing allows us to have open conversations, to talk through issues and for business owners to know the spend before we get into a project. That doesn’t mean we’re discount, but we’re predictable. And our clients thank us for it.

But breaking down barriers goes far beyond how we bill. If you’re looking for your attorney to be dressed in a suit and work in a large, mahogany lined office, we’re not the firm for you. Instead, we’re nimble, resourceful and work to keep our environmental impact (and overhead) low. We work out of Gather, a co-working facility in Richmond’s Scott’s Addition. We’re paperless. We meet our clients in a relaxed, comfortable environment that lends itself to more frank conversations. Most importantly, we treat our clients how we expect to be treated.

Linden educates and empowers small businesses with the tools necessary to facilitate growth.

Our clients have worked hard to get where they are and they want more. Just about everyone we work with is looking to grow and they partner with us because we provide so much more than just legal services – we provide education. Need help with your master services agreement? Great, we’ll get it drafted AND then walk you through it so you know how to negotiate and what everything means. Considering investment options? Awesome – let’s talk through how they work and what makes the most sense for your business and goals. We want all our clients to walk away with confidence in their businesses and themselves and that confidence comes from education.

Today, I’m on the Next Tuesday podcast talking about Linden and how we believe that our holistic approach to the law provides our clients with better representation. The legal world IS changing – for the better. Disrupted. Improved. Don’t believe me?  Last week, Forbes posted a great article on these very changes and I don’t think I could have written it better myself. When you get a moment, check it out. It speaks directly to where we see legal services going. And while we don’t have all the answers, I am confident that Linden is on the forefront and our clients are the biggest beneficiaries.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.  Always consult appropriate legal counsel for specific questions related to your business. Some states may consider this attorney advertising.


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