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Your business has ongoing legal needs, but the volume doesn’t justify bringing someone in-house. The fees, however, are out of control. Sound familiar?

Your own legal department at a fraction of the cost.

Linden regularly serves as Outside General Counsel for businesses who understand the value of having in-house counsel, but don’t need it full time. With Linden Legal Strategies as part of your team, you have access to trusted counsel and support when you need it most. Let Linden Legal Strategies help you with:

  • Negotiations (clients & vendors)
  • M&A Support
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Record Keeping
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Contract Management (internal & external)
  • Growth Strategies
  • Employment Issues
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation Management

And, because Linden Legal Strategies becomes a part of your team, learning your business inside and out, Linden Legal Strategies is able to provide exceptional counsel at a fraction of what your business currently pays for traditional legal support.

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