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Like most of you, my business – Linden Legal Strategies – has been on a growth trajectory. Some of it “planned,” some of it unexpected and all of it both exciting and terrifying. Growth is what all businesses aspire to, plan for and stress about. And when it happens, well, it can feel magical.

Last year, we had the honor of helping almost a hundred businesses work towards their growth plans. Some were just starting out and trying to navigate everything that comes with taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Some finally felt like they had their bearings and were now ready to take their businesses to the next level. And others were excited to get their businesses to the point where they could exit comfortably and leave a legacy for their employees and clients. You trusted us with every facet of your business. You shared your wins and let us commiserate with your disappointments. And through it all, you taught us much more than we ever could have taught you.

I started Linden Legal Strategies with the goal of changing the way businesses access legal services and over the past year and a half, you have given me a much better understanding of not only what that means to you, but how powerfully impactful a legal advisor can be for your business. So, we did what we do best – we started from the ground up and tried to design a product that provides you with incredibly valuable legal services in a manner that is accessible. We dove into your problems, listened to your frustrations and brainstormed solutions.

And now, after listening to you and learning how and when you need us the most, we are excited to launch Linden Legal Access – our new subscription service for businesses. This new model combines quality legal advice with the ease of a subscription service, further breaking down the barriers that prevent businesses – like yours – from accessing legal services. Pricing starts at $99/month and provides your business with the tools you told us you needed the most – access to an attorney, registered agent services, vetted documents and forms and, most importantly, advice tailored to your business not just off the shelf information.

Ready to get started?  Schedule an initial consultation and learn how Linden Legal Access can help your business move closer towards its goals and provide peace of mind.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.  Always consult appropriate legal counsel for specific questions related to your business. Some states may consider this attorney advertising.


Linden Legal Strategies PLLC is a Richmond, Virginia-based law firm focusing on business law and development. To learn more about how Linden Legal Strategies can help you start, grow and protect your business, or to schedule an initial consultation, contact us here.

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