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Intellectual property, customer agreements, and workplace policy are just a few areas that may trip you up. Linden Legal Strategies will help you understand and navigate the legal details that come with running your own business.

Managing risk doesn’t mean avoiding it.

All too often clients avoid seeking legal counsel because they don’t want to hear “no”. And, all too often, attorneys avoid providing clients real solutions because they aren’t failsafe.  Linden Legal Strategies is different. Linden Legal Strategies listens to your goals and works with you to find the outcome that helps you achieve them. Many times, that means advising you of risk while simultaneously helping you evaluate how much risk your business can handle.

Don’t let legal questions become legal nightmares.

When you’re in growth mode, it’s easy to let details slip through the cracks. Until you’re dealing with a contract that’s auto-renewed with incredibly unfavorable terms. Until a client is so upset about your product that they’re threatening legal action. Until you decide its finally time to let an employee go, but you aren’t sure where to start.

And by the time you’ve hit “until” – it is too late. You’re in deeper than you wanted to be, scratching your head wondering how you got here. But if you think about it, it’s the contract you didn’t review (or understand) before you signed. It’s the relationship that you let slip because you had so many other things on your plate. It’s the toxic employee morale issue you thought would take care of itself.

Real solutions for real issues.

Linden Legal Strategies provides two services aimed at helping you protect your business while facilitating growth.

  • Linden Legal AccessLinden’s innovative subscription service provides business owners access to dedicated legal counsel starting at $99/month.
  • General Counsel. For businesses who want full-service support, Linden offers Outside General Counsel services.

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