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Details should be buttoned-up. Not conversations.

Because the best solutions are often found when everything’s on the table, Linden Legal Strategies has developed Strategy Sessions to help you and your business plan for growth.

What is a Strategy Session?

Linden’s Strategy Session is an in-depth working meeting where you and Linden deep dive into the issue at hand. During each session, Linden will provide candid feedback, including risk analysis, and you’ll leave with detailed list of action items to propel your business forward.

Who could benefit from a Strategy Session?

Any business looking to grow! Strategy Sessions can help you plan for:

  • Bringing on additional partners or investors
  • Restructuring your current business to facilitate growth
  • Exploring additional product lines or locations
  • Developing a strategy for growing your human capital through employees and contractors
  • Identifying targets for expansion through strategic mergers or acquisitions

Strategy Sessions are beneficial because they provide you and your business a safe space to talk through the details while focusing on solutions.

How do Strategy Sessions work?

You can schedule your Strategy Session here. Approximately a week before your Strategy Session is scheduled, Linden will send you a detailed questionnaire to gather information about your business, its current structure and status and learn more about where you want to take it. At the session, we’ll talk through your goals, your obstacles and where you have opportunities to start, grow and protect your business.

Strategy Sessions are $275 and if you retain Linden for additional legal services within thirty days of your Session, the Strategy Session fee will be credited towards your first invoice.