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Terri Amernick

Staunch small business advocate. Experienced attorney.

Terri is a steadfast partner to businesses, providing guidance and expertise on a wide range of issues related to the legal nuts and bolts of their operations. A graduate of the Washington and Lee University School of Law, Terri has decades of experience at both large and small law firms, teaming with clients to tackle whatever legal challenges come their way.

Terri revels in partnering with businesses of all kinds, whether they are still trying to find their footing or have hit their stride and begun exploring the potential for ambitious growth. At Linden Legal Strategies, Terri found a perfect fit for her client-centered commitment to personal, reliable service and devotion to the legal nuances of running a business. She makes sure her clients understand that she is first and foremost dedicated to their success.

A talent for taxes.

Terri brings an advanced level of knowledge to legal accounting topics. She has a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Virginia and is a certified public accountant with experience working in that role. She offers in-depth understanding of the myriad tax issues that an enterprise faces, employing research, analysis and negotiating aptitude to confront each question from every angle.

Terri understands the common issues that often emerge for businesses but also understands that each business is unique — and so is its legal challenges. She counsels clients on an array of topics, including taxes, contracts, compliance, business planning and growth strategies.

No matter the topic, you can count on Terri to provide you with dependable, first-rate legal counsel and her full attention. She wants to know the goals and aspirations you have for your business so that she can do her part to help you realize them.

Terri, a Richmond native, enjoys tapping into her creative side. She is a lover of modern art, theater, film, country music, and new technology, and she is an avid cook and food scientist. She and her husband, Mark, are the parents of Ben and Mollie (both grown). They have two dogs, a lappinpoirikoria (Finnish herding dog) and a coton de tulear (a white ball of cotton named Scrappy).