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Work With Us

If you are looking for a legal team who works for you and not the billable hour, let’s talk. We understand every business is different, with its own unique issues and needs. That’s why we offer three different ways to work with us:

Individual Projects | Value Based Billing

Linden Legal Strategies works with clients throughout the business lifecycle. Whether you are just getting started, are established and growing or are ready to exit, we can assist you with your legal needs. After discussing the scope of the issue and desired outcome, Linden Legal Strategies provides your business with a firm, all-inclusive quote and an estimate for when the work will be completed. You will know your legal spend before we get started and can accurately budget your costs and time.

Outside General Counsel | All-Inclusive Monthly Fee

For those businesses with ongoing legal needs and multiple projects, we offer outside General Counsel services. We begin by conducting a legal audit of your business, assessing your needs and recommending strategies to maintain legal compliance and exceed your goals. After completion of the legal audit and action items, we work with you to determine your business’s ongoing legal needs and provide you with a detailed scope and the all-inclusive monthly fee for legal services. We become a part of your team, seamless to your clients and are able to assist you with all of your legal needs without surprises or additional legal fees.

Linden Legal Access | Subscription Service

For businesses who want an attorney on their team but have more questions than projects, we created Linden Legal Access. Unlimited access to a dedicated attorney for a low, monthly subscription rate. Learn more about Linden Legal Access here.

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Ready to learn how Linden Legal Strategies can help your business?  Schedule your free initial consultation here or call us at 804.215.0175 to get started. Together, we are changing the way businesses access the law.