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About Us

Welcome to Linden Legal Strategies PLLC

Thought law firms were all the same? Think again. Linden Legal Strategies is a new kind of law firm. Strategically built from the ground-up to fill a gap in legal services for established and growing service based businesses.  Linden Legal Strategies’ unique combination of practical legal advice, strategic planning and creative problem solving provides clients with innovative solutions for today’s business challenges. And, our value-based pricing model provides predictability, enables clients to plan for their legal fees and avoid big surprises, allowing us to build long-term relationships with our clients. Many firms say they partner with their clients, at Linden Legal Strategies, we actually do.

Our Story

Linden Legal Strategies is the brain child of C. Stinson Mundy. After litigating for almost a decade, helping businesses of all sizes solve problems, many of which were avoidable, she went in-house and served as General Counsel for a national transportation company. It was there…

Our Mission

Linden Legal Strategies partners with our clients to educate and empower them to understand the legal aspects of running their businesses. We use a non-traditional approach – including value-based billing, cloud technologies, subscription services and strategic planning and…

Our Services

Linden Legal Strategies works with established and growing service based businesses, assisting them in the following areas: business & corporate law, formation, purchasing or selling a business, document analysis and review, outside general counsel, and legal strategy.


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Why Work with Us ?

We understand owning and running your business is no small feat. Every day there are 1,000 things to think about and a million things to do. That is why it’s so important to have an experienced partner in your corner.  Unlike most business firms, we have defended businesses, individuals and practices like yours – in the court room.  We know what problems arise, that many could have been prevented or avoided, and how to strategically protect your business.  Using our litigation experience, we counsel our clients to strategically manage risk from the time of formation, through growth, sale, unwind, and all stages in -between.


Over 12 years’ experience working with businesses of all sizes.



Since opening in 2016, Linden Legal Strategies has worked with almost 200 businesses.

Value Based Pricing

Our unique billing models allow clients to know their legal spend before we start on a project.


Our unique combination of legal advice with business strategy provides your business with a 360° approach to your legal needs.


Our Practice Areas

Linden Legal Strategies works exclusively with established and growing service based businesses, assisting them in the following areas:

Business & Corporate

We partner with business owners during all stages of the business life-cycle from formation and governance through sale or dissolution. Our attorneys help you manage risk without avoiding it.

Document Analysis & Drafting

Hate reviewing legal documents? We routinely assist clients negotiate, draft and analyze documents and agreements so you know the full details of every deal and plan accordingly.

Outside General Counsel

For businesses with ongoing legal needs we offer subscription and all-inclusive general counsel services. The advice you need, when you need it without the surprise invoice at the end of the month.

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Meet Our Team

With over thirty years’ experience working with businesses and health care providers, the Linden Legal Strategies team is ready to help you start, grow and protect your business.

C. Stinson Mundy

C. Stinson Mundy

Business Attorney

Small business strategist.
Big picture thinker.

Stinson understands what it takes to build, grow and protect a business. She has spent almost 15 years helping companies solve business problems. After earning her degree at…

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Cyndi Newsom

Cyndi Newsom

Operations Manager

A skilled operations expert.

Cyndi has worked in the legal services industry since the early 1980s, first as a legal secretary with a well-known large firm where she supported a labor law litigation team, then later moving into product liability. After years…

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