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Clear, understandable, thorough, effective patient communication is as important as the clinical care and treatment you provide. Poor communication with your patient can result in unintended consequences, adverse outcomes, missed appointments, lost relationships and can hurt your bottom line.

It is not just the communication between the individual provider and the patient that matters here. How your practice communicates with each patient from the time the appointment is made (really while the appointment is being made) through the visit and follow-up can make or break their impression of your practice.
For example, if a provider needs certain information from a patient prior to her visit, but these forms are not timely transmitted to the patient, clinic time is lost while the patient completes the forms in a hurry as she waits for her visit. The provider has less time to spend taking in the information on the forms and no one is happy at minimum and something gets missed at worst.

Every healthcare practice should have a strong communication system that addresses patient accessibility, timely response to patient calls and queries (how many times does your practice phone ring before someone answers?), therapeutic and professional communication, and special accommodations for those who are sight or hearing impaired or have limited proficiency with English.

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