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Does your medical practice have the right emergency procedures in place? Does anyone in the clinic know what they are?

There is a patient in the lobby screaming at the staff, acting aggressively, using inappropriate language and threatening to sue one of your doctors.  He is scaring the bejesus out of everyone.  Does your staff know what to do next?

You are a dermatologist doing an annual skin check on a patient when he drops to the floor clutching his chest.  Do you know what to do? What is your practice procedure for such an emergency and, how do you alert others to come assist?

Your dialysis clinic is at capacity when the power goes out and the backup generators do not work. Does anyone know what to do next?

Your physical therapy patient is doing an exercise she has done many times before when she falls, and you hear a loud crack.  She is on the ground, hit her head and may have a broken ankle.  Do you and your fellow PTs know what to do next?

There are tornado warnings around the city with recommendations to shelter in place.  Does your staff know what that means or how to accomplish it safely? Where should your patients and staff go? How should they get there?

Having the right policies and procedure in place to respond to various urgent and emergent situations is essential. But, if no one knows these policies and procedures, the consequences can be devastating. When was the last time your practice dusted off the emergency procedures manual and trained staff on how to react?  Regular staff training can protect your patients, staff, and others present in the clinic.  Training should involve various scenarios, the proper responses, and should include specific methods for documenting the events during and after they occur.

Linden Legal Strategies can help create and update emergency procedures and assist your practice with easily accessible staff training by creating customized webinars.

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