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C. Stinson Mundy


Small business strategist. Big picture thinker.

Stinson understands what it takes to build, grow and protect a business. She has spent almost 15 years helping companies solve business problems. After earning her degree at the University of Richmond School of Law, this Richmond native started her career at one of Richmond’s preeminent boutique law firms, helping businesses of all sizes. After that, she served as General Counsel for a national transportation company headquartered locally where she helped solve complicated business and legal problems every day.

Through it all, Stinson saw how vital it is for businesses to have a legal partner. But she noticed that there were very few legal options that were small-business-friendly. With a desire to help entrepreneurs succeed, and an appreciation for clear and frank conversation, Stinson founded Linden Legal Strategies. She structured the firm differently—establishing a flat rate model that lends itself to affordable and patient legal counsel — so that Linden can make a big, tangible difference for its clients.

A true partner.

Stinson believes in a pro-active, conversational approach — answering questions and making decisions before any legal issues arise. She can guide you through the barriers businesses often face and come up with personalized solutions to reach your very personal goals.

Stinson counsels clients on a broad range of issues including contract drafting and analysis, employee issues, business planning and growth strategies. She also serves as outside general counsel to businesses that need more structured legal support as their businesses expand.

Whether yours is a small organization that’s just getting off the ground, a business that is ready to go to the next level, or a start-up in someone’s garage, you will get Stinson’s undivided attention. Think of Linden Legal Strategies as your trusted partner for every aspect of your operations.

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